i got that off-white table top…

Remember that time when I was humming and hawing about maybe replacing our dining table slash maybe painting it? I thought about replacing it with IKEA’s docksta table because it resembles Saarinen’s tulip table which I admire for its simplicity but since we’re only renting our space (therefore trying to save $$$) and there is technically nothing wrong with our current table, and the fact that I only paid $120 for the set at a thrift store, I wasn’t ready to drop $230 on just a table because then I would probably want new chairs too and before you know we’ve just spent $500. Whew that was a long sentence. But because I’m a stubborn woman I scoured Craigslist anyways for a used version of the Docksta table but the people still want too much so I gave up on that idea. Seriously Vancouver, not only do we have expensive real estate but the prices that Craigslist sellers are asking for is just plain ridiculous too. So after school finished up, I once and for all decided that I was just going to paint the table. And man, why didn’t I do this ages ago? Err, probably because I was busy with school work but that’s besides the point.

I only had enough paint on hand to paint the table top. I was worried that with just painting the top it would looked unfinished but now that I’ve lived with it for the last week, it has really grown on me and I’ve decided to just leave the legs as is (that also means less work for me. It’s a win-win).

Painting the top white has made such a HUGE difference. Before, it was a dark corner but the white has really helped reflect the light now. Not to mention, NOTHING was working as a centrepiece against the reddish-brown table top. The white is just oh so fresh!

I’ve thought about reupholstering the seats in black faux leather and one day it’ll probably happen but for now I’m just going to enjoy my off-black cadillac off-white table top.

P.S. For those living in an apartment and your space isn’t conducive to sanding furniture, use STIX primer purchased at Benjamin Moore paint stores. Like the old lady on the Frank’s Red Hot sauce commercial says, “I put that sh*t on everything.” Just ensure that the surface is clean and the primer will stick to anything. The table top was then coated with Benjamin Moore’s Aura satin in Snowfall White.

sharing is caring, so check it out

Happy Easter Monday! Although I finished classes nearly two weeks ago there has been a lot of personal stuff going on since then but life should be getting back to normal soon – I think! I’ve been working hard at trying to get up a few of my pieces under the new ‘portfolio‘ section. I wanted to share with you a snippet of my work from the past 12 months. I have spent many hours and drank many coffees at my local Starbucks working on school projects this past year. Does anyone else find it easier to focus when there’s some background noise rather than trying to work from a quiet home?!

If you’ve got a project and need some graphic design work done I’d love to help you out. So go check out my portfolio. What are you waiting for?


Two Weeks to Go

Just two more weeks of school to go my friends. (The Eiffel chair however has made the long hours of sitting here just a little bit easier!) I’m feeling excited, anxious, and nervous to finish. I’m looking forward to having a sense of “normalcy” back but it’s also time to start looking for a job – I can’t wait to be out in the working field again. You know how a lot of people say that they would rather be in school than working? Well, I can’t say that about myself. The countdown is on. See you back here soon. (I can’t wait!)